Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day = Productive Day!

A rare occurrence happened in my district today - a SNOW day!  With no snow!  Yes, it's true!  Sure, we had ridiculously low temperatures and windchill, but I swear it was worse the last time it snowed (I had to unbury my car) and we still had to truck into work.

It really felt like a Saturday, and I was taking advantage of the opportunity to get some stuff done around the house.  I stayed up late on Monday night, baking cupcakes and preparing creamy potato salad for my slow cooker.  I caught up on the trashy shows off my DVR, including 90210 and Real Housewives of ATL.

With Noelle coming to visit later this month, I'm finally motivated to get some things done around the house.  It's hard to get motivated to clean and organize the house.  We don't tend to have people over that often, and I keep a fairly tidy house in general, so there's rarely a need to push myself to do better.  Any teacher will tell you that after a long day with the students, the last thing you want to do when you go home is clean.  I can't even find the motivation to work out, which is what I really need to be doing.  All I want to do when I come home is nap, make dinner, play on my computer, watch TV, and go to bed.  The weekend is typically a crapshoot, since we either have plans or I lounge the entire weekend away after doing regular weekly chores.

I've been trying to tackle those little projects that have been piling up around the house, giving myself a sense of accomplishment so I can keep going.  Today was a good day for getting things done!  Today I:

  • Cleaned the guest bathroom and half bathroom.
  • Washed the guest bath linens.
  • Washed the guest bedroom linens.
  • Located the hardware for a curtain rod I need to hang in the dining room.
  • Reorganized the display case in the guest room.
  • Reorganized one (out of four) drawers in my dresser.
  • Worked on our taxes, although I didn't completely finish yet.  Our return isn't going to be as high as I initially projected, but something is better than nothing!

DH thinks I'm a little crazy for doing some of these tasks this far out from her visit, but frankly, if I don't do it when I'm motivated, I won't get to it...and you know I'm the one doing 99% of the work.  If I've got time and motivation now, I need to jump on it.  I could only hope that we'd have a snow day again tomorrow, but I seriously doubt it.  We'd be lucky to get a late start.

What about you?  How do you maintain cleanliness and organization in your home, despite a busy life? Hope you're staying warm and cozy, wherever you are!

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