Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miscellany a day too late!

I missed Miscellany Monday yesterday because I was stressing out about having to write two IEPs last night after I finished basketball duty at school.  It was a long night and it made for a very hectic morning.  That being said, I wanted to update you on all of the random bits going on in my life!

Finally finished our taxes tonight!  I finally got through to the tax center on post, and just as I suspected, reserves = tough shit.  Well, it means no free tax preparation on post.  Not a problem, I'll just proceed with my free return thanks to Military One Source.  I used the hotline to get a question answered and maximized our return(s).  Yay for our tax return!  The plan is to finally pay off DH's old truck (I'm embarrassed to tell you the year of it) and put the rest to other bills.  If DH and I are going to take a getaway before I leave for BMT, spring break will be that time, so the sooner we get our money, the better.

School has been super busy lately, between IEPs, parent teacher conferences coming up, basketball duty, and FFA.  We've been selling grams this week for FFA during lunch, so I'm going, going, going all day long.  At least we get a half day on Friday!

I was praying for a snow day today, but it never happened.  Never mind that wind that woke me up last night because it blew so hard, let's all go to school!  I can look out my front door and see students walking to the bus, and it was not pretty this morning.  Nevertheless, we all sucked it up and went in to school.  Days like this mean a lot of students are absent, which does make my job easier.

DH took his 1st anniversary watch in to be repaired today.  Sadly, it's been busted for a while now and doesn't tick.  It's not a battery issue, since Eco Drives don't run off batteries, so it hasn't been a easy fix.  I had it engraved for him, so there's a lot of sentimental value.  

We've also been talking about buying me a new wedding band prior to my going to BMT.  I have a non-traditional wedding ring (Art Deco band with pave-set diamond chips and sapphires) and while it wasn't all that expensive, I don't want to have anything happen to it.  Surprisingly, I get far more compliments on it than I ever did when I had the 1 carat princess cut from my first marriage.  I'm probably going to get something similar to what DH has now, a simple titanium band.  The ring he's pictured wearing went missing while he was in Afghanistan, and we had his replaced when he returned.  Gotta love titanium and tungsten - I can pick up my new band through AAFES for the low, low price of $30!

That's about all for now, friends.  DH has drill this weekend and I'm chaperoning the Valentine's Day semi-formal dance at school with Haywee.  I'm trying to talk DH into going, and I think I may have him hooked on the idea!  No other V-Day plans for us, as we're not big on the holiday.  Yay for tomorrow being the halfway point in the week!


AngieDMac said...

I'm not too familiar with the way the Reserve process works, but if you have any questions you know where to find me! I'm following you on Twitter too! :) When do you leave for BMT?

Erin said...

Awesome, will do! The BMT/tech school process is stil the same. I report for BMT on May 31st, so I'll leave Memorial Day weekend.