Monday, January 17, 2011

Show and Tell: A Trinnie Tribute

Trinnie and I have known each other for a good 10-11 years now.  I think the first time we ever met in person was at Viva Las Vegas 2001.  Before then, we only knew each other through Yahoo! Groups and other online forums.  I actually knew her husband first, through, which is now defunct.  I'm not quite sure when we took our relationship to the next level, but she's definitely been my closest friend for the longest amount of time in my adult life.  You've heard me sing her praises on here before.

For your viewing pleasure, more old school pictures of us in our rockabilly heyday! 

My favorite - the train museum in Green Bay, WI - 2005
Keepin' it classy!
Blurry, but one of our first pictures together, with Lori on left.
VLV 2001
VLV 2001, the first year we met!
The first Rockin' 50's Fest - Green Bay, WI - 2003
Best. Train. Museum. EVER!
With the divine Miss Cari Lee!
Waiting for the train!
Strolling at The Rockin' 50's Fest - Green Bay, 2005
Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI - 2005


Kim Bombshell said...

I saw a girl I met at Viva a few years ago in one of your pics. I think her name is Cathy? the red head?

Erin said...

Yes, that's Cathie! :)

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Too cute! :)

Erin said...

Thanks Dollie!

Trinnie S said...

OMG! HAHAHAH love it! and I love you, E! I wouldn't be the person that I am now w/o you in my life! xoxoxoxx