Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quick update from the iPad!

I'm really pleased with how things are moving along, for the both of us. Here's a quick update:

1. DH is packing and prepping for WLC. Needlessly to say, we've redecorate the master bedroom in a foliage green print. DH is already signed up for another school a week after that, which is GREAT for us. It's just a range safety thing, but he's going to jump on any opportunity.

2. DH is FINALLY getting somewhere with the processing of his enlistment bonus. A kind civilian working at his unit submitted that packet, so we'll hopefully see some money here soon! *crosses fingers*

3. I was able to order those high school transcripts and sent off my check for transcripts verifying my Master's. The only other thing I need to tackle is my security clearance form.

4. First day back to school with kids and I couldn't even make it through two periods. IBS and monthly cramping kicked my ass, requiring DH and FIL to come rescue me after I tossed my cookies during 2nd. I was bummed, despite the extra nap, because I wanted to welcome back my new aide, who's been homebound for most of the fall semester. Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet!

Tomorrow is Thursday, woot! The weekend is almost here!

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