Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Murphy, you again!

So, I finally finished my security clearance application, thank God!  I was smart, thanks to Noelle, and made three copies of it for my records.  Still waiting on more transcripts to submit to my recruiter, then I'll be ready to pass off that packet of goodness.

Based on my ASVAB scores, education, and experience, my recruiter is looking at job opportunities in the legal field and public affairs.  I'm excited about the idea of doing something different, something new.  Of course, I had to look into the locations of those tech schools.  :)  If I was a paralegal, I'd be heading to Montgomery, AL, and Maxwell AFB.  If I were in public affairs, I'd be off to Fort Meade, MD.  I have to say, out of the two of those locations, I'd rather head to Maryland, especially if there was the possibility of day tripping to DC.  Of course, I'm looking at not this, but next summer before I do my [split] training.  She's still looking at other available slots for me, so I haven't decided on anything yet.  FIL is recommending legal over PA, but I'm not sold yet.  I need and want to learn more about my options.  I've been asked to pull together two to three letters of recommendation and a general resume, so she can use them when advocating for my placement in jobs that aren't typically given to new recruits.

As for Murphy, I finally peeked at DH's LES and saw that our bonus is coming through soon - well, part of our bonus.  When I took a glance, I noticed that it was for half of the amount DH is supposed to get.  Add in taxes and the take-home was significantly smaller than what we'd hoped for.  Just our luck that when we finally get it, it's not correct and we're still getting short-changed - thanks Army!  Hopefully DH will find time soon in his busy schedule at WLC to look into it.  He's been really loaded down with homework and long days, coming home tired and grumpy.  We're finally getting in some quality time tonight, over Mad Men [Season 2, Disc 2] and Words With Friends.

This week can't end soon enough.  I just haven't been motivated at work lately, although I have been in a better mood in my classes.


Taryn said...

Nice, Erin! A

Sarah said...

I'm starting to think that Murphy has a crush on you.

Erin said...

Don't I know it, Sarah!