Saturday, January 1, 2011

Birthday/NYE and 2010 Wrap-Up

Seems that most everyone is doing a yearly wrap up, and I figured I should do an after-birthday post anyway.  :)

Yesterday was a nice, mellow day spent with close friends.  No big blowout party for NYE or my 30th, but that's not my style.  DH and I slept in and then played on the iPad, which has been typical for my winter break.  DH has been sleeping in super late these days, then waking up to play Words With Friends or Solitaire on my iPad.  If nothing else, it really has been a restful break and a good chance to spend some quality time with the man before he leaves for WLC next week.  I finally got out of bed when Trinnie and I talked about going to Costco.  My card has long since lapsed (there wasn't a Costco in Fayetteville), so I was happy to tag along, rock out to our iPods, and brave the icy roads in search of goodness in bulk...not to mention those yummy hot dogs!  She and I took it nice and slow getting up there, and then took our time doing aisle by aisle.  Unfortunately, we found no good makeup (just a lame Stila set), but I scored a cool Rachel Ray lunch tote [looks like this but in all black with a cool print], a bulk pack of Stretch Island Fruit Leather, socks [which is what I came for], and a Carhartt zip-up hoodie for DH - all for just $50!

We had a few downer moments yesterday, namely when the bakers at Costco told us that they'd discontinued the cupcakes [WTF?!  How can you "discontinue" a cupcake?!], when we found out my BBQ joint was closed due to a water main break, and a little later when I was having a "moment" and needed some alone time.  All was made better with DH's offer to cook fettucini alfredo with parmesan chicken, a visit from Haley and James, Red Velvet Cake, and an evening with Trinnie + family.

We spent the evening playing Just Dance 2 and The Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii.  Both of them are awesome games, and offer quite a workout!  It was a nice night spent with family, and we were home before midnight, safe and sound.  DH and I actually would've missed midnight completely if Trinnie's hadn't BBMed me.  He and I were playing on the computer and iPad, before retiring to watch TV.

I put 2010 behind me with the hope that better things will come our way in 2011.  Overall, 2010 wasn't a horrible year, as it marked the safe return of DH, but it was a rough year of transition.  
  • We went from AD Army to USAR, and that's been a challenge.  I still can't say that I'm used to it yet, since DH has only drilled once.  
  • I've been the sole provider of the family for a good third of the year, and that's been the most trying part of 2010.  I'm looking forward to 2011 bringing us career opportunities for DH that will give him sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  I am optimistic, since he's been able to network and meet some people that may open some doors for him.  Keep your fingers crossed for us, and I'll keep you posted!  
  • 2010 has not brought us an expansion to our family, other than FIL moving in with us, and that's an issue I'm continuing to work through.  Without insurance [a temporary problem until our finances improve], we can't investigate our medical options (or rationale), so it's au natural right now.  
  • We've moved to our third home in Colorado, and we've been blessed to live in a big, beautiful house with plenty of room and space for all of us.  It's the biggest home I've ever lived in, we're close to family, school, and post.
  • I found a great job at my dream school in the area, and I'm loving my co-workers and having a great time with my students.
  • I've been able to do some great traveling.
  • I've lost my only paternal aunt and my most dear great aunt.

My hopes for 2011, which aren't that much different from my life goals in general:
  • Continue my attempts at fitness - my running in particular.  Prepare for my Air Force PFT.
  • To explore my options with the Air Force and hopefully be successful in my enlistment.  This would put me in good ol' Texas for my summer vacation.
  • Get our finances in order, pay off debts, and get back on track for home buying.  I would love to buy a house this year, but I'd settle for just having our debts significantly reduced/eliminated.
  • For DH to find a job/career that makes him happy, as mentioned before.
  • To take a romantic vacation (hopefully a belated honeymoon) with DH.  Doesn't have to be crazy exotic or expensive, just somewhere within a day's travel where he and I can snuggle and spend some quality time together.
Happy 2011 to all of you!  Let's make this a great year!


Natalia said...

A very Happy Birthday and New Year to you! I'm just now catching up on my holiday vacation backlog of blog reading and was super stoked to read about your journey into the Military! It's nice to know that there are other 30 year old women joining! Good luck with the process, the ASVAB (I recommend the Kaplan prep book) and the fitness!! (I ship out for basic on March 22....)

Erin said...

Thanks Natalia! We're oldies but goodies! Yay for having a ship-out date! I know we can do this! DH had a 41 y/o woman (and mother of two) with him when he did BCT.