Sunday, January 9, 2011

15 Minutes

Fun while it lasted!
It would be just my luck that as soon as I put off a blog post, the moment is gone.  DH is at WLC right now, and after exercising his big mouth and opinions about integrity in the military, he was made 1SG of his academy!  He was in charge of 113 soldiers and had a very eventful 48 hours, with at least one counseling statement that I know of, plenty of headaches, and at least $5 in the cuss jar.

Sadly, DH ended up stepping down from the position, because he couldn't focus on his own schooling.  FIL and I would've liked to have seen him finish it out, but DH knows himself best.  I don't try to even claim that I understand what that role entails, because I don't.  I'm a civilian, a military dependent.  My job is to support him, whatever choices he mades in his military career.  He is planning to aim for graduation honors and we'll see how he does!  He's stuck on post tonight (they typically get to come home) because of the snow we're getting.  I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow!  Crossing my fingers!

In other good news, DH has been signed up for seven some odd classes from here until April!  You name it, they've got him signed up for it, which is great for us.  The busier he is, the more active duty pay he gets, and the less we have to worry about our finances.  DH is on a great track to promote this year, even beyond the one he's supposed to grab after WLC.  I'm so proud of him because I know he's really good at what he does and I love seeing him succeed.

Before I close this post, I have to post this little ditty that a friend shared with me a while back.  Sorry I can't imbed it, I was having issues.  ["1SG Rap"]  :)

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