Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stretched Thin

Back in the day, I used to sell off things from my collection of vintage clothes, accessories, etc, in order to make extra money.  I'm back in that place again.  DH leaves tomorrow for training at his transportation school and fortunately he'll be getting paid during training.  Our bonus has yet to arrive.  DH finally checked with finance and they're looking into it.  It would seriously be a Christmas miracle if it could arrive ASAP.  I spent the day at home, battling the beginning of a cold and so that I could spend time with DH before he leaves me for an undetermined amount of time.  He'll be gone for five weeks at least, missing the holidays and my birthday, then gone for WLC, then begin driving, so who knows when I'll get to spend time with him again.

It seems that most of the people that used to sell on eBay have all moved to Etsy, which is simpler to manage and more user-friendly.  I set up a shop this evening and started listing some items.  I have more to list at a later date, when I've got more time.

It's been a tough day and I've broken down over our financial situation.  I know it's tough on DH, because he hates seeing me that way.  I also don't want to make too many rash decisions (like sell his motorcycle, like he suggested) that we'd regret later.  FIL is taking DH's old coin collection to a local show tomorrow, in hopes that we'll be able to sell it off.  Every little bit helps right now, and I'm doing all that I can.


Lacey said...

im so sorry my dear stay strong..ill check out your shoppe!

Lacey said...

oh...and when i move up there...we so have to met up

Steph said...

That sucks. We still haven't got paid from when my husband did he two week training in JULY. He did the paperwork to get a check "reissued" in August. They said 60 to 90 days. I told him to tell his squad leader we were eating Ramen noodles.

Erin said...

Game on Lacey, thanks!

Steph, I totally hear you. We've had a number of problems come up that we never saw the money for, including his per diem while he was deployed. We're going to be on a Ramen diet really soon as well, FIL and I.