Monday, November 1, 2010

Time for the HAPPY DANCE!

C'mon, give it up, you know you want to do a happy dance with me!  DH is embarking on a new career, starting Monday!  We're not sure if it's going to be a short or a long term thing, but it's a step in the right direction.  DH has decided to go to trucking school.  He starts this coming Monday, after his first drill weekend.  Talk about a bunch of firsts all at once!  First official weekend as a Reservist, first foray into the world of trucking.

DH has said that the one thing he isn't excited about is the time away from me.  We thought the military was bad?  I can only imagine that since he's a newbie that he'll be away from me quite a bit, but we'll see.  Am I a little unsure of everything?  Yes, but I also don't want to see my husband unhappy.  He was always trade-bound, he's not an office type, and he doesn't want to go back to HVAC.  He has plans to go to school for his engineering degree, and wants to look into doing his schooling online since he'll be working and away from home.

One day at a time, one day at a time.  We'll see where this takes us and how our life unfolds from here.  The company is very pro-military, so he doesn't have to worry about it conflicting with his drill schedule.  He's most likely going to be gone through Thanksgiving with his first initial training, so I think that FIL and I will be heading to Arizona on our own.

Can you believe they have their own support group/community of wives online?  Of course they do!  Or that I'm learning new lingo like "lot lizard?"  Do I really know what I'm getting myself into?!  

*breaths into paper bag*  Let's focus on the fun stuff.  I asked DH if he'd blow the horn if I did that motion with my arm and I told him his ringtone would probably have to change to one of the following songs:


Lacey said...

I LOVE FRESH PRINCE!!! good luck with the new adventure!

Steph said...

Haha... It's good to hear that he got a job. Best wishes!

Erin said...

Thanks Steph, I hope it's a big step in the right direction!