Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday 5

I hate to whine, since I'm choosing to participate, but it seems like these words have been the same for the last three weeks.  I'm starting to feel like a giddy school girl.  If nothing else, cheers to Mrs. Gambizzle for her positive outlook on life!  This week's words are:
1.  I'm happy that I'm out of most of my classes today, as I am proctoring the PLAN test.  The only bummer is that I'm doing the read-aloud, which gets old really fast.
2.  I'm giddy that DH and I have gotten to spend some great quality time together lately, including game night with FIL, homecooked meals every night, etc.
3.  I'm excited that my dad offered to pay for my flight to Mexico for my Christmas gift.  My family has a tradition of going to Mexico for Christmas every year (my grandparents have timeshare) and the holidays just aren't right unless you're on the beach getting some sun, having some nachos!  I'm disappointed that we can't book DH a ticket, but I assume he'll be driving during that time.  DH loved his first holiday down there in 2005 and hasn't been able to get back yet.  =(
4.  I'm giggly listening to a fellow co-worker read this science test aloud.  She's stumbling over some of the more difficult vocabulary and her intonation makes me smile.
5.  I've been feeling adored this week by DH, who's been especially lovey-dovey lately.  I don't know if it's because of his impending departure (to drill and driving school), or if we've just been making better use of our quality time.  I've been nagging a lot less these days, which helps, I'm sure. 


LivKit said...

Great post love the blog and Im a new follower!

Erin said...

Thanks Liv! I know I've seen you around the blogiverse too! Heading now!