Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shutterfly's bringing you good tidings!

When the holidays start rolling around, I start thinking of Christmas cards.  No, really, I do!  I had already decided that Randi @ Hitchcock Photography would take our Christmas card picture.  I was figuring we would do something country again, since we're finally out here in Colorado together.  When FIL bought DH a nice, new button-down red shirt (and a buffalo check one too), I knew it'd be perfect for our shot.  I was looking for a green Fair Isle sweater that would coordinate well, without looking too Christmassy, matchy-matchy.  I found a nice one at L.L. Bean in Maine, but it was a smidge too pricey for me.  You're getting the idea, right?  I love doing yearly Christmas photo cards, complete with an enclosed newsletter to keep family members (especially those who aren't on Facebook) up to date about where the Army has taken us and what we've been doing.  In 2007, we did a card with one of our wedding photos.  In 2008, we did a patriotic Christmas card, and in 2009 we did the same.  2009's card said "Greetings from Fort Bragg, NC and Kandahar, Afghanistan!"  :)

This year brings different circumstances.  We were together, now we're separated (thanks to trucking school) again.  We most likely won't be spending the holidays together, unless he isn't driving then and we can find some money for his trip to Mexico.  We don't have money for Christmas cards this year, so I had pretty much put them out of my mind.  Enter Shutterfly...

Shutterfly is running a special promotion right now.  If you're a blogger, you can sign up for their new holiday program and give them feedback (by way of a blog post about the subject) on their new holiday cards.  In exchange, you get fifty free holiday cards!  Yes, FREE!  And guess what?!  Free is in my budget!  Don't be worried that if you're a newer blogger that you won't be accepted into the program - hey, they took me!  Glad they did, as I know what I want in a holiday card.  

With 748 Christmas cards, 56 Hannukah cards, and 59 New Year cards, there really is something for everyone.  Let me share with you some of Shutterfly's standouts for my family!  

With Love Chartreuse Christmas Card

Chartreuse is one of my signature colors (the other being coral), so you pretty much have me interested right there.  I love the monogram element of this card and the fact that you can fit five different photos on it, which satisfies that part in me that doesn't want to choose a single photo to represent the entire year.

Starlight Palms Christmas Card

With my family's holiday tradition being a trip to Mexico, the beach-themed Christmas cards work for us.  I really wish I had more holiday pictures of DH and I in Mazatlan so that we could put together a multi-photo card like this one.  Hell, I wish DH was heading down there with me this year so we could make more memories and take more pictures together.  Maybe in the next couple years we can rock a palm tree Christmas card.

Top Ten Moments Christmas Card

I think this is a great card that does double duty by knocking out the need for a newsletter.  If you were short on time and didn't want to take the time to pen an entire story for everyone, this card works out perfectly!  On the flip side, I can only imagine how long it'd take me to write ten concise moments and then rank them.

Tweet Evergreen Holiday Card

For a more secular take on a holiday card (DH is an atheist), I love this woodsy card.  I love the little birdie and the evergreen branches.  The aunt with whom I lived while DH was still back in NC loved evergreen and pinecone prints for her mountain home.  They just fit out here, and I have that fond association with my dear, departed great aunt.

Are the wheels in your mind spinning yet?  Shutterfly has tons of great ideas to inspire your 2010 holiday card.  I love their designs and think the only way they could get better would be to include some patriotic and military-inspired designs.  I know most of you readers would agree with me there.  Hopefully Shutterfly jumps on board that train, because I know we'd all be beating down their door if they did so! 

What about you?  Have you thought about your holiday card yet?  Purchased it or taken photos yet?  Time is slipping out from our fingers!

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