Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 24 - Make a Playlist to Someone...

...and explain why you chose all the songs. 

This goes out to you, Trinnie...

1.  "Playboys of the Southwestern World" - Blake Shelton
2.  "I Wanna Bop With You Baby" - Dan Seals
3.  "Islands in the Stream" - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
4.  "When God Fearing Women Get the Blues" - Martina McBride
5.  "Mule Train" - Tennessee Ernie Ford
6.  "Let's Have a Party" - Wanda Jackson
7.  "Shaft" - Isaac Hayes
8.  "I Adore Mi Amor" - Color Me Badd
9.  "Remember the Time" - Michael Jackson
10.  "Party in the USA" - Miley Cyrus
11. "My Prerogative" - Bobbi Brown
12.  "Boombastic" - Shaggy
13.  "Jeopardy" - Marti Brom
14.  "How Low Do You Feel?" - Ray Campi
15.  "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" - Tracy Lawrence

I don't think any of these songs will come as a big surprise to her.  We have a huge iTunes playlist of "The Jams."

#1 - Just a good best friends song!  There's not a whole lot of best friends songs out there, at least not on my iTunes.
#2 - T and I love some classic, cheesy country music!
#3 - More classic country.  T swears she's going to have a rockabilly band (namely The Bop Kings) cover this song.
#4 - Another great best friends song.  Definitely a good one to describe our CCO runs to Castle Rock!
#5 - There's a Shriner mule train in our area and it always makes me think of this song, which is another rockabilly classic.
#6 - Another rockabilly classic, definitely describes some of our old days, partying it up at the weekenders!
#7 - We took a mine tour and couldn't help but yell "Shaft!" every now and then, since we're so immature.  Never mind my crush on the crusty, bearded tour guide...I have a thing for beards!
#8 - Trinnie loves it when I sing this song to her, especially the Spanish parts...
#9 - Now this, this is our jam!
#10 - Yet another one of our guilty pleasure songs.  You just can't deny that opening beat!
#11 - Love us some Bobby!
#12 - T's on a mission, danggit, one I hope that she accomplishes!  I keep Tweeting him in hopes that we'll get an answer!
#13 - This is a great strolling song, and T and I have strolled a number of great rab tunes!
#14 - I had to throw a bopper in there!  "Stop!  In the name of bop!"
#15 - T and I have really solidified what we want in friends over the years, and a decade later, we've found it in each other.  Awh!  <3


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Taryn said...

I've left you a blog award on my page! :)

Trinnie S said...

Love you, E! I actually got all emotional when I read this!...will be downloading this list asap!

Lacey said...

Hey i decided to award you with a fabulous blog award! go check it out on my blog!!

Erin said...

@Taryn - Thanks! I think I'll do seven new things this time!

@Trinnie - Awh, love you too! The JAMS, baby, the JAMS!

@Lacey - Thanks girl! Heading now!