Monday, October 11, 2010

Why My Husband Rocks

I recently heard via Twitter that Military Spouse Magazine (of which I'm a big fan) was having a "Why My Husband Rocks" essay contest.  Given everything that's going on in our lives, I decided entering was a must for me.  The winner receives a trip to Florida, with a stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, accommodations, $500 for food and fun money, tickets to Blue Man Group, and a rental car.  How badly do we need a vacation right now?!  Pretty badly, if you ask me.  I thought I'd share my entry with you.  I hope it's winner-worthy!

Riding in Fayetteville
Americans, whether civilian or military, have learned from their mistakes.  Vietnam veterans were snubbed as they returned from war, their families largely neglected as well.  We are fortunate to live and serve during a time where the public has put their foot down and stood up, determined to ensure that no soldier goes unappreciated and no military family forgotten.  As military spouses, we are being recognized for our service – for standing by our servicemembers, for temporarily being single parents – for our sacrifices.  I’m proud to be a military spouse and to support my soldier, and I am thankful whenever someone takes the time to thank me for my service.  It is my honor to support my husband, a man who ROCKS, because despite selflessly serving his country thousands of miles away, he still makes supporting my dreams and aspirations a priority. 

As military spouses, we prioritize our servicemember’s needs.  We make sure to guard our words when speaking, writing, and emailing them while they’re deployed.  We try hard to put on a strong face and let them know that all is well on the homefront.  Small issues and challenges in our daily lives pale in comparison to the fight for life and freedom abroad.  We set our preoccupations aside and selflessly serve our spouses, the way they serve our country.   I do all of this willingly and eagerly, as many spouses do.  My husband’s safety is of utmost importance to me, and his ability to focus on the job at hand (and not the troubles at home) comes first, without question or hesitation.

My husband rocks because he turns those tables and reverses roles on me.  He makes me set my role as the supporter aside and assumes that responsibility.  My husband champions my goals.  When we found out that he would be sent to Korea on an unaccompanied tour, he encouraged me to remain in California to complete my Master’s degree, rather than convince me to set that dream aside to pursue command sponsorship.  When his next duty station sent him to North Carolina, he didn’t ask me to walk away from my career and join him, but he supported my decision to finish out my school year.  My husband makes sacrifices everyday – for our country and for my happiness. 

A rockin’ husband like mine never asks you to give up all that makes you an individual in favor of following him in his military career.  He has never made me feel that my personal goals were less of priority than his service.  Some spouses gripe about the things that we’ve had to give up for this life – I don’t feel like I’ve ever had to give up anything.  My husband has allowed me to pursue my own career and to feel that same sense of satisfaction that he feels, for accomplishing something so great.  When we make decisions about our future, we truly come together as a team, recognizing that both he and I are equal players with equally worthwhile aspirations.

My husband’s love and support encompasses all of my passions, big or small.  He was the first to give me the thumbs up when I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle.  He didn’t stop me because I am a woman, he didn’t stop me because of the inherent dangers.  He rocks so much that he made sure I jumped at the chance to purchase the Harley-Davidson of my dreams.  My husband rocks because he makes sure I am not merely the spouse who stands and rides behind him – I am the individual who stands and rides beside him. 


Lacey said...

wow! awesome, thanks for the update. i wish i had time to write a essay about my wonderful army man...
to bad college sucks!
Glad i found your blog!
@ Guinn and Bare it

Erin said...

Thanks Lacey! Trust me, I've been there and done that with the school thing! It's nice being able to come home and not have to worry about what reading needs to be done, what paper needs to be written, etc. You'll get there soon! That degree is worth it! Checking out your blog now, thanks for reading!