Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcoming Old Friends

Hey, remember our buddy Murphy?  You know, of "Murphy's Law" fame?  Yeah, him.  C'mon, every milspouse knows Murphy!  He gets around.  Well, he figured it was time for another visit to our household, so here he is!

If Murphy was to drive a vehicle, I'm convinced it must be a '96 Chevy Silverado truck, red in color, bespeckled with USMC/Army stickers.  Let me tell you why...
A few weeks before DH deployed (spring of 2009), his transmission went out.  If it were closer to the deployment date, I would've told him to just leave it in the driveway and I'd attend to it later - hell, we had a year.  We had it fixed, much to the dismay of my freshly paid off credit card.  All was well for a while after that.

Fast forward to late August/early September of this year.  Prior to him coming out here, he was having transmission issues again.  Luckily, we had a warranty, so he went and got it fixed.  That didn't last long - on the way out here, his transmission started leaking profusely and his dad actually spotted a small cloud of smoke go up from the engine.  DH has little to no patience and doesn't handle those sorts of stressful situations well.  He started talking about getting a new truck, which only stressed me out as I crunched the numbers in my head.  We had many conversations where he would rant about wanting to leave his truck on the side of the road and press on without it.  Thankfully, he managed to make it out to Colorado and we got his truck fixed again (that's time #3), thanks to the warranty.

We ended up buying a gently used diesel truck after all, thanks to great financing through USAA [shameless plug].  We've been very happy with it so far and the gas mileage is fantastic!  He left his new baby here when he went back to California last week to help his dad pack up and join us.  FIL had taken the red truck to CA and DH would drive it back.

So what phone call did I get today?  Oh yes, DH's red truck is leaking fluid again!  He's not too far out from Colorado, thankfully, so he's just going to push on like last time.  I have to admit, I have a lot less stress right now, knowing that we already have a new vehicle for him.  I'm just praying he can get that thing out here so we can dock that beast.  If the 4th fix doesn't warrant a new transmission, I don't know what their magic number could be!  Let's hope the warranty company will justify the fix.

So what about you?  When was the last time Murphy made a house call?


Wait, it gets better!  Apparently Murphy wasn't through visiting!  Walked outside the front door and saw a puddle under DH's new truck.  Nope, not rain water, it's a greenish liquid.  Crossing my fingers and hoping it's antifreeze, like DH suspects.  We just don't need to be having issues with two vehicles.


Sarah said...

Oh Erin, now... you know that Murphy drives a Gold 2000 Chevy S10, right? haha.

Actually Murphy came to me most recently in the green rsx... turns out while I was all the way in Mexico, er I mean Lemon Grove, might as well be Mexico it's wayyy down there. Anyway, the battery died! I have NO ONE to call. No one around had jumpers... thank god for AAA.

I think you just gave me an idea for a new blog entry... oh the horrible things that happen when the men are away. *sigh*

Erin said...

AAA rocks, everyone needs to have it, and not just the basic membership! I need to edit my post, because apparently we weren't done there!