Sunday, October 31, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

My first blog award!  I'm touched!  The Versatile Blogger Award was bestowed on me today, thanks to Florida Girl at A Florida Girl and Her Soldier.

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to blogs you've recently discovered and enjoyed.
4. Leave the recipients a note telling them about the award.

7 Things About Myself
*I have a good amount in common with my award giver, which is why I enjoy reading her blog!  She's around my same age and she got married a month before DH and I did.  She just started her family this year, and I'm hoping to do the same!
*All of the hanging clothes in my closet are organized in color order.  I even have DH doing it because he's used to my system.  Bwah ha ha!
*I have a ridiculous amount of kitchenware, thanks to an old obsession with vintage 50's stuff and an old part-time job at Williams-Sonoma.  It took one mover 6 hours to pack up my entire kitchen.
*I could spend 30+ minutes doing my makeup but have no patience for my hair.  I don't want to bother drying it all.  I suck at styling and don't bother.
*I waitressed for 9 years at a 50's/60's surf diner and worked at Jamba Juice for 4 years.  I can make you a milkshake or a smoothie, no problem.  I could even make you an egg cream, if'n you liked!
*As a child, I was mediocre at a lot of things, rather than being really good at one thing.  I dabbled in it all - Girl Scouts, little league baseball, tap, jazz, water polo, softball, choir, soccer, etc.
*I've always been pretty good at handicrafts.  My mom taught me to sew and my machine was the last gift she ever gave me.  I have a you-know-what ton of vintage 30's/40's/50's patterns that I can't part with, as well as fabric, despite the fact that I haven't sat down to sew in a long time.

My Award Winners
Steph @ Watching Airplanes - Steph is going through the same stuff I am right now, namely a DH who just went from active duty to reserves.  Looking forward to reading about her experience with the transition!

Holly @ Life as a Navy Wife & Everything Else - Holly's another milspouse struggling with fertility issues.  She's also very outspoken, which is a characteristic I can relate to and appreciate!

Meagan @ Adapting to Change - Meagan's another milspouse teacher and I like meeting others like me.  :)


Florida Girl said...

I organize my closet the exact same why. DH's side as well! We do have quite a bit in common!

Steph said...

Thanks for the award. I'll make sure to pass it on sometime soon. I want a sewing machine but my mom has one that is old as dirt and it works better than any new one so I always just go use hers.

Erin said...

Steph, get yourself an old one then! My mom bought me a used Bernina that dates to '64. It's completely steel, heavier than all get-out, but it works fabulously!